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  • abstract — abstracts, abstracting, abstracted (The adjective and noun are pronounced [[t]æ̱bstrækt[/t]]. The verb is pronounced [[t]æbstræ̱kt[/t]].) 1) ADJ GRADED An abstract idea or way of thinking is based on general ideas rather than on real things and… …   English dictionary

  • abstract — ab·stract / ab ˌstrakt/ n 1: a summary of a legal document 2: abstract of title ab·stract /ab strakt, ab ˌstrakt/ vt Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law …   Law dictionary

  • Something from nothing — argument is a philosophical argument that proves logically: The existence of any thing cannot have come from nothing or no thing nor could it have ever existed at all.To partially grasp this understanding the philosopher must first realise that… …   Wikipedia

  • abstract — ► ADJECTIVE 1) theoretical rather than physical or concrete. 2) (of art) achieving its effect through colour and shapes rather than attempting to represent recognizable reality. ► VERB 1) extract or remove. 2) consider theoretically or separately …   English terms dictionary

  • Abstract labour and concrete labour — Part of a series on Marxism …   Wikipedia

  • abstract — ab|stract1 [ æb,strækt, æb strækt ] adjective ** 1. ) abstract ideas exist as thoughts in the mind, and are not related to physical objects or real events and actions: abstract idea/concept/principle/notion: Mathematics is concerned with… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • abstract — ab|stract1 [ˈæbstrækt] adj [Date: 1300 1400; : Latin; Origin: , past participle of abstrahere, from abs away + trahere to pull ] 1.) based on general ideas or principles rather than specific examples or real events = ↑theoretical abstract… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • abstract — 1 adjective 1 based on general ideas or principles rather than specific examples or real events: abstract thought/reasoning (=thought about complicated ideas rather than about things that are around you): a machine that is capable of abstract… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Abstract art — Kazimir Malevich, Black Square, c. 1913 Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.[1] Western art had been, from the… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract object — An abstract object is an object which does not exist at any particular time or place, but rather exists as a type of thing (as an idea, or abstraction). In philosophy, an important distinction is whether an object is considered abstract or… …   Wikipedia

  • abstract — 01. I don t really like [abstract] art, such as that done by Picasso. I much prefer something more realist. 02. It can be quite difficult to really define [abstract] ideas, such as love or friendship. 03. One s capacity for [abstract] thinking is …   Grammatical examples in English

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